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DURATION: 6 Months

Target Audience:

Prospective CEO – This course is to teach young graduates and those who have acquired necessary skills on how to become entrepreneurs. You will learn how to survive in current economic conditions.

This course is designed as a business participatory module where you learn and implement at the same time. As the course progresses, you are made to start your own business and most of the training is by hand holding technique to grow the business.

OUTCOME: Participants will start a business venture and learn how to run their own business for profit.

Topics covered includes…..

  1. Identification of business types
  2. Writing a business plan
  3. Writing feasibility/ viability studies
  4. How to access loans, manage loans and grow into a big business.
  5. Basic business laws
  6. Steps to implement/launch a business using case studies.
  7. Running a business
  8. Finding competitive advantage in adversity
  9. Role of IT and social media in businesses.
  10. The questions successful entrepreneurs ask themselves

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