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Certificate in Solar power design and installation


DURATION: 6 Months

Target Audience: Intending Solar Power designer and installer – This course is to teach green power principles and build expert installers. You may need the certificate course in electronics (SCM005) before this course.
  1. Fundamentals of solar panels
    1. Review of Ohm’s law
    2. Understanding measurements KWHr, KVA, KW
    3. Ratings of common house appliances
    4. Load study, calculation and analysis
    5. Fundamentals of green revolution
    6. Principles of operation of solar panels
    7. Types of Solar panel and applications
  2. Batteries and applications
    1. Types of batteries and applications
    2. Deep cycle batteries operation and principles
    3. Determination of battery capacity and backup period.
  3. Charge Controllers
    1. Types, Modes, Design, sizing and Functions of charge controllers
    2. Connections and applications of charge controllers.
  4. Inverters
    1. Principle of operation of inverters
    2. Types, functions and application of inverters.
    3. Selection and sizing of Inverters
  5. Combining Solar with Inverter systems
    1. Design principles of solar inverter systems
  6. Cables
    1. Cable types, sizing and selection
    2. Cable connections and repairs
  7. Solar system fault diagnosis and clearing.
    1. Ohm’s Law principles
    2. Parallel and Series connection principles.
    3. Application of parallel and series connection to batteries and solar systems
    4. Connection of charge controllers
    5. Connection of inverters and batteries
    6. Connection of solar systems.

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