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Basic Home Electrical Wiring Course


DURATION: 3 Months

Target Audience:

Electrical Handyman – This course is to teach basic home wiring that will allow participants do basic home repairs.

DETAILS:       This course is intended for those who will be involved in house wiring. It is very basic and requires the certificate course to be able to handle a complete house wiring. With this training you will become a good handy man for construction works, and be able to repair some home electrical units.

  1. Safety tips and principles
  2. Electronic Components
    1. Passive components
    2. Active Components
    3. Practical – Identification and physical testing of components
  3. Basic electrical circuits
    1. AC circuits
    2. Electrical Fittings
    3. Distribution boxes and breakers
    4. Practical – Inside basic fittings and equipment.
  4. Cables
    1. Cable types and gauges
    2. Cable laying principles
    3. Surface wiring and trunking
    4. Conduit wiring
    5. Practical – Cable identification and gauge confirmation. Cable laying and trunking.
  5. Lighting
    1. Switches and bulbs.
    2. Fluorescent fittings
    3. Wiring new light circuits
    4. Practical Wiring simple electrical lights
  6. Electrical Installations Protection
    1. Protection against electric shock
    2. Protection against thermal effects
    3. Protection against over-current
    4. Protection against voltage disturbances and electromagnetic disturbances.
    5. Protection against lightning

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