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Transmission and Satellite Installer Course


DURATION: 6 Months

Target Audience: Intending Satellite systems installer – This course is to teach satellite principles and build expert installers for TV, Internet and communications. You may need the certificate course in Electronics (SCM005) before this course.
  1. Introduction to telecommunications
    1. How it all started
    2. Describe major types of communications: landline, wireless and two-way
    3. Explain half duplex and full duplex communications.
    4. Types of communications
    5. PRACTICAL – Explain the common connectors, plugs and jacks used in communications.
  2. Basic Telephony
    1. History of switching systems
    2. Telephone exchanges (Analogue, Hybrid, Digital, IP)
    3. PRACTICAL – Interconnection of telephone systems
  3. Telephone transmission systems
    1. Describe copper and fiber telephone local loop circuits
    2. Transmission Systems
    3. Fiber optics Communications
  4. Radio Communications
    1. List common RF (Radio Frequency) bands (1G to 4g and beyond)
    2. Radio Components
    3. PRACTICAL – Setting up radios,
  5. Satellite Communications
    1. Basic principles of satellite communications
    2. Types and uses of satellite communications
    3. PRACTICAL – Setting up satellite receivers
  6. Cellular Communications
    1. Explain types and frequencies used in cellular communications
    2. Cellular communications principles
  7. Wireless communications
    1. Describe common wireless schema, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee
    2. PRACTICAL – Setting up a WiFi network with multi-nodes

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