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Safety Course For Electrical Engineers


Duration: 1 Week

COST:             N 10,000.00

Target Audience:

All those hoping to pursue a career in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. It is also a good course for making children and youth aware of safety rules and guide in day to day electrical handling.

DETAILS:       This course is to teach of the hazards in handling electrical equipment at home, work, industry or general places. It shows the risk involved in all these places; the extent of damage that can be caused; how to mitigate risks; how to handle electric accidents and their effects.

  • Describe electrical shock and its causes
  • List the effects of electric current on the human body
  • Explain shock hazards when working around power sources
  • Identify sources of static charges and its damage to sensitive components;
    • Describe static charge prevention straps, mats and grounding
  • List tools used to prevent hazards in the workplace and in the field
  • Describe lockout and tagging rules for unsafe electrical or mechanical hazards
  • Explain where eye and ear protection are needed
  • List safety concerns related to the National Electrical Code.
  • Fire accidents and their causes
  • Describe the types and usage of fire extinguishers
  • Workplace safety practices and rules
  • Workplace first aid guide
  • Handling workplace accident victims


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