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Basic Telecommunications


DURATION: 6 Months


Target Audience:

Intending Telecommunications systems installer – This course is to teach telecommunications principles and build expert installers for PABXes, IPBXes and Digital telephone systems. You may need the certificate course in Electronics (SCM005) before this course.

 This course is an intensive practical course that spans different analogue and digital systems.

Topics include

  1. From voice to data – Basic principles
  2. Basic Telephony
  3. Basic transmission
  4. Principles of PABXes
  5. Principles of IPBXes
  6. Telephone cabling
  7. Setting up a Telephone system
  8. Telephone value added services
  9. Configuring an IPBX – Cabling and Installation
  10. Telecommunications Power supply system.
  11. Interconnecting Telephone systems
  12. Basic principles of mobile telephony


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