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Introduction to Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Duration: 1-Month

Target Audience: Children and those who are new to Engineering who wants to have an overview knowledge and experience in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
DETAILS: This course is to introduce electrical and electronics engineering to children and youths alike. It is to spark the light of engineering in the participants and set a good footing for them in the field. It will show all the possibilities and the applications in our daily life and show how all aspects of our life is impacted by electronics, electrical, communications and information technology. It is not an in-depth course on each topic, but an introduction that ensures that those things will no longer be strange to participants. Practical exercises are included to give a hands on experience in electrical circuits and home appliances. It is not to turn participants to repair specialists, but to give them a broad training that turns them to great users /operators of electronics equipment.

Topics Covered:
1. What is electronics?
2. History of electronics
3. Applications of electronics
4. Electronic components – active & passive
a. Conductors and non conductors
b. Resistors
c. Capacitors
d. Inductors
e. Transformers
f. Diodes
g. Transistors
h. Integrated Circuits
i. Memories
j. etc
5. Electronics equipment basic building blocks
a. Amplifiers
b. Power supplies
c. Radios
d. Recorders
e. Television
f. Audio and music equipment
g. Telecommunications equipment
h. Mobile phones and tablets
6. Practicals – Ohms Law; Light switch; Multi-socket wiring; Demonstration of short and open circuit; Fuses, breakers, load and impedance; Connecting home appliances; Wiring home appliances.

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