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Certificate in Electronics Design and Repairs


DURATION: 12 Months

Target Audience: Electronics repair technician – Students will have a deep knowledge of electronics repair principles. Good for graduates of electronics who wants to acquire the skills to be a seasoned technician.

DETAILS:       The course is intended for those who wants to be able to repair basic electronics equipment. It forms a prerequisite for other specialized electronics courses like communications, solar training, Telecommunications etc.

From basic electronics through to complex systems, the electronics strand of our engineering program gives students the skills and confidence to build and study circuits in detail. Comprehensive study materials provide a blended mix of theory, guided practical activities, and assessments to allow students to gain a deep understanding of this area of engineering. After this training, students will be able to sit for the City and Guilds examination in Electronics repairs level 6, which is equivalent to UK Bachelor’s degree.

  1. Circuit design principles and techniques (Common equipment)
  2. Locating and cross referencing parts and products in catalogs
  3. Purpose and requirements of proper documentation
  4. Reading Block Diagram of Common Electronic equipment
  5. Reading and interpreting Circuit Diagrams, Wiring points and Circuit board views.
  6. Circuit Signals
    1. Analogue circuits
    2. Digital circuits
  7. Basic repair principles
  8. How to use schematics to locate component and wiring failures in electronics products.
  9. How to repair without schematics.
  10. Practical –
    1. Test Equipment and Measurements
      1. Describe how a Digital Multi-meter (DMM) and related meters operate
      2. Identify meter protection, safety and usage
  • Explain care of equipment and test leads
  1. List the purposes and types of signal generators
  2. Describe meter loading and precautions observed
  3. Measuring analogue and digital signals
  • List the uses and precautions for logic tracer test probes
  • Explain how logic pulsers are used in design and maintenance.
  1. Describe oscilloscope usage and explain the purposes of front panel controls
  1. Making simple electronics circuits and breadboards, etching and production.
  2. Use of repair equipment (Oscilloscopes, Signal generators, frequency counters, etc.).
  3. Troubleshooting process and principles, logics and techniques to find problems.

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