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There are some little things in every aspect of our life that we often skip or generally count as insignificant, but these are the main things that stand out as the main crux of the matter.

In these series of discussions we shall be having, we are going to look at these things in every area of our life, and we shall also consider how to ensure that we take care of them.

These are life changing points that can help you to improve your daily life system.

Number 1

Where you keep things in your office, house, outside and anywhere you are.

I have a friend who keeps anything anywhere, and he will always ask everyone to help him look for his items. He will borrow your phone to flash his phone when he is looking for it. He will tell everyone to look for his car keys when he is going out. He will look for documents on his table for hours. When he finds these items, he will start celebrating as if he has achieved a great goal. Each time you tell him that his problem is that he is not organized he says “I reject it in Jesus name”. This does not solve his problem, but he is believing that it is because he forgot where he kept them.

Many people are like this my friend. Are you?

If you are, then there is help around the corner. Just keep reading….

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