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Certificate in Electrical Installations


DURATION: 6 Months

Target Audience: Electrical Technician – This course is to teach advanced home wiring that will allow participants do advanced wiring jobs and complex repairs.
  1. House wiring principles and techniques
    1. Review of house system units (electrical systems, consumer unit, sockets, plugs, low current and high current units, etc.)
    2. Telephone wiring
    3. Data/ ICT wiring
    4. Outdoor wiring
  2. Fundamentals of electric circuits
  3. Low voltage panel design and configuration
  4. Design of building electrical installation
  5. Completion /Utility Connection
  6. Introduction to electric machines
    1. DC generators
    2. AC generators
    3. Special purpose machines
  7. Electrical Distribution
    1. Fundamentals of electrical distribution
    2. High tension transformers
  8. Practical – Interpreting house wiring diagrams; Conduit piping and wiring. Installing LV panels.

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