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Everything in the world today is controlled by electronics and information technology. Our home, vehicle, offices, phones, hospitals, roads, recreation centers, families, churches, social life and many more are totally falling under this control. We will give you the steering wheel as you navigate into this future.

There are several training opportunities offered on the street for microwave skills, it will only give you surface knowledge.

To be a skilled technician, you need to understand from the basics and grow to be a professional.

The normal training in higher institutions takes from 2 years, to 4 years or even more to attain a degree. If your path is not on the degree line, you may want to just be a technician or artisan, there is also a learning path for you in order to be properly trained and perform your work skillfully.

In advanced countries, training paths are designed for each choice that you make and that is what we are trying to replicate in Nigeria.

Have you heard about the Nigerian trade test? This is the examination that those who are supposed to practice a trade will take, and they will be qualified according to the level of expertise the individual has achieved.

This trade test is supposed to be the minimum a workman in Nigeria is to attain in order to practice a skillful trade in Nigeria.

Have you heard about the City and Guild of London Institute? This is the United Kingdom equivalent of the Nigeria trade test. This institute is developed to ensure that those who chose the development of skills in particular trade are not left out of achieving their goal in life. This is because it has been crafted in such a way that you can obtain their certificate from level 1 to level 8.

While level 1 is just to say that you have heard about the trade and know what it is about, and you have started learning the functional skills in the trade, level 8 is equivalent to a Master’s degree of a UK University. These certificates are recognized all over the world, and it is the certificate that international organizations are looking for from Nigerians in order to employ them to do their technical jobs. The professional exams to be taken is regulated from the UK and once you pass, you can work anywhere in the world.

This is the path we want to take you through.

Walk in or call us to inquire on how you can become accredited in your skill and discipline.

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