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[sliderinbox icon=”file-text” title=”Highly qualified Lecturers” description=”Our Facilitators and Lecturers are Management Specialists and Engineers who have worked in different cadres of Management and different disciplines of Engineering and are ready to pass on the knowledge to up coming Managers, Engineers and Technicians.” url=”#” target=”self” bgcolor=”#0f92ea” color=”#ffffff”] [sliderinbox icon=”university ” title=”Modern Laboratory” description=”We use Management training solutions for Corporate training and we are running the latest Engineering curriculum in our laboratory, our equipment is the same type used for STEM and CITY & Guilds Training in the UK. LJCREATE” url=”#” target=”self” bgcolor=”#ff5253″ color=”#ffffff”] [sliderinbox icon=”diamond” title=”international syllabus” description=”We run a syllabus that is equivalent to the City and Guilds Syllabus. Our students will take the City and Guilds exam up to level 6 after training. Options Available” url=”#” target=”self” bgcolor=”#ffbb00″ color=”#ffffff”]

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