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Home Instructors Section 6

Home Instructors Section 6

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The field of electrical and electronics engineering is a dangerous one for anyone to just dabble into and do what they like. Many who dabbled into it have either killed themselves, or destroyed people’s appliances, or reverse-engineered appliances and gave it to owners to struggle with the handyman errors. People are having ugly and sad experiences every day. This is a common thing in our society today.
As Engineers, and seeing all these things happen, we have great concern and we have therefore put together courses that will allow our students to learn the basics and the advanced knowledge/skill required to service electronics equipment. In addition, we offer training in professional house wiring/ installation.
Our instructors are selfless people who have put into this program more than similar program can ever give students. We have brought into Nigeria the opportunity to learn electronics the practical way with standard equipment used to train electronics Engineers in the UK, US and other developed countries.
As changes occur in the field of electronics, we still have to know that if there are no skilled electronics technicians, we will have to hire them from neighboring countries who a
re developing these skills. Our training gives the basic and the current knowledge in electronics.
Our instructors are readily available and operate open door policy. Meet and discuss with them.
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